(☭) | 2.2 | anti/politics II


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(☭) | 2.1 | anti/politics


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(☭) | 1.2 | class composition, part 2

This first discussion (in two parts) is aspirational: we lay out our hopes for the project and what we intend to discuss. However, we don’t stay focused on sociology, we don’t mention all of the texts or deal with them in detail, and we end up collapsing into the class aspects of the left’s powerlessness. Yet we do keep Wright’s framework in mind as we touch on divisions within the proletariat and within the bourgeoisie. We get particularly fixated on how education, credential and skill embolden and yet impede the marxist intellectual’s attempt at “scientific socialism”.

(☭) | 1.1 | class composition, part 1


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